martes, 20 de julio de 2010

To Start Smiling

vuelvo a los Sketches para compartir esta vez una tremenda prosa en inglés de nuestro amigo Martín me pregunten la fecha, ya tienen sus años, pero como el buen vino....

Martin Pinot Picabia

How poor could be the life of someone that hardly can find a single expectation, there is not something like people needs hope to keep trying when the only single thing needed to get up every morning is figure out that you are alone and already dead like all other tedious people out there, walking in the crowd, drinking in a full off bar, reading in a public library, how lonely could you feel yourself when you are not alone?, how empty seems to be the world when you got nothing to do with your almost void potential, from there precisely is where you can realize what is the difference between happy and real people, those happy persons you see everywhere are so pity to me, wandering around building flawed lives from nothing but a pitiful hope, expectation, prospect or something with a big name, they also put their entire devotion in banal concepts like wealth, mercy, health, love..., when the only real matter they got is an infinite sadness just like normal unhappy real people. What to do then with this long short life that some unconscious give to us?...
Just breathe and wait for one person that agree with you to stop talking, thinking, rambling and finally stop breathing without shame but with a smile.

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Nicolas Nautfal dijo...

we want the smile
and we want it
we want the song
and we sing it
let the time
make its job
the wind
will make us
closer and closer

bateman dijo...


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